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You Can Now Buy HDR Movies From Google Play

Google Play is offering HDR movies for the first time. This means selected titles will take advantage of the technology known for making the blackest blacks look blacker and the whitest whites look whiter. Unfortunately, there are a number of hoops you’ll have to jump through first.

HDR, or High Dynamic Range, refers to the range between the dark and the light on your TV. Therefore, HDR-compatible television sets offer a sumptuous picture, with a huge contrast between dark and light, and a massive range of rich colors and tones between the two extremes.

High Dynamic Range, or HDR, is shaping up to be the big TV buzzword for 2016. But what is it? Will it live up to the hype? Here’s all you need to know.
And now Google Play is supporting HDR video.

Buy HDR Movies From Google Play
The Google Play Movies and TV app now offers HDR movies. The range of content available is small at the moment, but a quick search reveals titles such as Kong: Skull Island, Mad Max: Fury Road, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Suicide Squad. Unfortunately, not even HDR can save that last one.

To make the most of Google Play’s HDR offerings you’ll need an HDR-compatible 4K TV. If it’s a smart TV you’re good to go, but if it isn’t you’ll also need a Chromecast Ultra. You’ll also need to be located in the U.S. or Canada, as they’re the only countries where this is being offered.

The Chromecast Ultra is a brand new Chromecast offering support for 4K video and more besides. But is it worth buying? Find out everything you need to know about the Chromecast Ultra.

The final sticking point is the price, as each 4K HDR movie will set you back a whopping $30. Which would pay for nearly three months of a Premium Netflix subscription which includes all the HD and Ultra HD streaming you can consume in that time. So we’re hoping those prices drop.

Google is playing catch-up here. Both Netflix and Amazon have been offering HDR-compatible content for some time, and YouTube started supporting HDR videos at the end of 2016. Still, Google has at least beaten Apple to the punch, as iTunes currently doesn’t even offer 4K content.

YouTube has added support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) videos. And if one thing’s certain, it’s that HDR videos haven’t been filmed using a potato.

Are You Some Kind of Rich Movie Buff?
So, if you’re located in the right country, have the right equipment, and are happy to pay the extortionate prices being charged then you can start streaming Google Play’s HDR offerings today. We’re not saying they’re not worth it… but you’d have to some kind of rich movie buff to bother.

Do you buy movies or TV shows from Google Play? If so, what made you choose Google Play over the alternatives? Do you own an HDR-capable smart TV or Chromecast Ultra? Are you likely to buy HDR movies from Google Play? Please let us know in the comments below!

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